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Residential Tinting | Michigan Tint Co. - West Bloomfield, MI

Residential tinting has many benefits to you and your wallet! And, during these times, smart investments could determine your way of life. Just like our wide variety of automotive window films, the same films can applied to a house! And, sometimes, these tints offer even more of a benefit in a home!

Glare Reduction – Who likes glare? No one enjoys the spots of light on their TV while watching their favorite show, or the constant glare on their computer screen while they are trying to work. With the right tint, you can prevent this from happening!

Energy Efficient – Many of the window films mentioned had superior heat reflecting qualities. This helps keep your humble abode cool during the summer and cozy during the winter.

Aesthetic Factors – Many people agree that the look of darker windows is sharp and modern. Keep up with today’s trends and beautify the windows of your home with a protective and attractive window tint that shows your style!

This small, extra step can save you money and frustration! Some of the window films reduce heat gain (or loss) by 50 percent! With that much extra insulation, the amount of money saved on heating or air-conditioning per year is staggering. This is a practical and reasonable investment to make for your future. Call us today for all your residential tinting needs.