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Almost all cars come with tinted windows, but what if you don’t like the color or the style? Or, what if you want higher-grade automotive tinting to keep out the bright sun? Don’t worry. We are already a step ahead!

Ultra Performance Window Film – Window films in the Ultra Series offer superior performance. With up to 42 micro-layers, this film is sturdy and resistant to tearing. In the event of an impact, its quality is outstanding compared to standard polyester films. In addition to its sturdiness, this film also offers a high level of optical clarity.

Titanium Window Film – These films are pricy, but way worth the extra money. A window enhanced with titanium film makes it extremely tough, yet lightweight. They are designed to, in some cases, cut cooling costs by 50 percent. Titanium films focus on reflecting the heat directed at it back at its source. During summer, the source is the sun. During winter, the source is the furnace. In both cases, having your car windows tinted with titanium window film can be very beneficial for keeping heat out or in.

Charcoal Window Film – As the name suggests, these films are a dark gray color. They are designed for aesthetic factors, but also have a few useful features. Charcoal film blocks 98 percent of the sun’s ultra-violet rays and helps prevent dazzling of the eyes. Also, this film helps reduce heat gain and is dark enough to preserve your privacy.

Supreme Window Film – These films allow you to customize the look of your car, because it is available in many shades. The window films offer comfort from the bright sun and block over 99 percent of the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays! This film also offers leading visibility technology for unchanged clarity and safer driving.

Smoke Window Film – The smoke window films are the best for reducing glare. When installed in a house, this type of film will reduce the glare from the outside enough to enable you to get rid of your drapes or curtains and still be able to see your computer or TV screen clearly. In a car, the same is true. This film is also able to reduce the ultra-violet rays of the sun, enough to stop, or greatly slow down, the fading of your car’s interior.

At Michigan Tint Co. we offer automotive tinting for the needs of our customers. With the variety of tint types we offer, you can be sure that you will find the right tint that fits your budget without losing the quality you deserve. These tints also apply to residential and commercial buildings. Visit our website for a free quote, and contact us today!