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Automotive Tinting | Michigan Tint Co.

Almost all cars come with tinted windows, but what if you don’t like the color or the style? Or, what if you want higher...

Residential Tinting | Michigan Tint Co.

Residential tinting has many benefits to you and your wallet! And, during these times, smart investments could determine...

Commercial Tinting | Michigan Tint Co.

Walking through a city and gazing at the buildings, one would no doubt observe that the windows of most of the businesses...

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Since 2005

Michigan Tint Co. has been doing business since 2005, and has provided its professional services to over 5000 customers in the Tri-County area and beyond. Michigan Tint Co. specializes in three different areas automotive, residential, and commercial window tinting. Our friendly staff and expert window tinting services are the reasons Michigan Tint Co. is still in business today. We are experienced professionals who care about giving our customers the very best. We would like to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

Besides the fact that tinted windows look cool, there are many non-aesthetic qualities that window tinting provides that are extremely beneficial. When one thinks of “window tinting,” they normally imagine a darkened window; however, this is not always the case. When applied to cars, the windows become darker due to the dark “window film” that is used. When applied to residential or commercial buildings, window film is normally clear and is not designed to keep light out, but to insulate or keep heat out. Michigan Tint Co. provides both kinds of window film.

A part of the services provided by Michigan Tint Co. is our website, which offers many useful and helpful features. By typing in your email, name, phone number, and the details that you are requesting, you can acquire a free quote online. We also have tons of research material on our website, so you can be sure to get the right window film for the right application.

Our website offers information on window tinting in general, smoked glass, one-way mirrors, and even information on the tinting laws of Michigan. We also offer a 20 percent discount on all window tints, Monday through Friday (A coupon is required and can be obtained on our website.).